The Biggest Problem Of Working Families

Money- The Biggest Problem of Working Families Life is not easy for people. The older people get, the more responsible they are. People need to face so many difficulties every day, some can find the ways to solve the problems, and some can’t. The part of “some can’t” almost belongs to “working families”. They are a part of the family which has two heads of household work and those people have regular jobs called “blue collar” with a minimum wage and hours of working. The result is that problems come to them easily, especially in the United States. Since the economy of the world get tougher and tougher, money becomes the biggest problem of low class working families, it can lead these families to various problems such as jobs, family’s life, …show more content…
Being working class members, people usually have problems about money. That is the reason why they need to have jobs or work more hours per week to have extra money, because money is never enough for working families. The first thing that working families need to face is that household fee. It includes bills, taxes, gases, insurances, food, drink and clothes, and a various things need money. For example, the article named “Even for working families, hunger can be a problem” of Matt Soerqel, the article mentions about Lance, 28 years old and was born with spina bifida, which has led to a host of health problems. She has two children, for her being working class, hunger can be a problem. She doesn’t have money to buy enough food for herself and her children and she needs to ask food from the food bank for her family. Food, she can’t afford enough, neither bills, nor gases, this is also a story of thousands Americans in poor. The second problem will be responsibilities, everyone who has a family, need to have responsibilities to take care their small house, but with working families, it is different. They have less money, than other people that means they have more stress than another one. With a less salaries each month that force them go to work more to have more money for the family. As the report from the book “Families on the Fault line” of Lillian B.Rubin, the author says that the problems of working families is “balance the time between working and housing”. Most of people feel very tired and sleepy when they get home after work to earn money, and women always be the one who does everything in house from cooking, house chores and when they hope their husband will help them out, it may be a fight. For example from the book “Ralph Danesen’s wife, Helen, she wants her husband to help her for household more, a fight come out”. Fights come out easily and it

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