Money Is The Root Of All Evil Essay

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Timothy 6:10 from the bible states “For the love of money is the root of all evil” Indeed the need for wealth can make people act out in less than tasteful behavior. It is the reason why people rob and steal, why a woman would go out and prostitute herself. The most dangerous form of the need for money is definitely centered on making a “quick buck” seems the more illegal the crime is, the more money can be made. Having a regular job and making an honest living doesn’t work for everyone. Some people have a greedy disposition, the kind that always need more. They thrive on the excitement and danger of being caught. But what makes an entire corporation follow these characteristics. The more people with their hands in the cookie jar, the more likely they will be caught. Cults of greed or corporate cult like organizations are built on money and power, two of the most influential) (to get closer to the American dream. These organizations engage in crimes that parallel any other average (cult); (characteristics of cult) Enron is a corporate cult because they stripped their employees of individualism, used money and power to influence criminal behavior, and used brainwashing to invoke control.
The indoctrination into the United States Army is much like that of the Enron Corporation. A recruiter’s mission is to gain the trust of the potential candidate. Once the trust is in place, the Army’s next task is to break the individualized thoughts of the recruit. Our…

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