Money Is The Most Influential Item Essay

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Money is the most influential item that has and will continue to shape the society of humans. The human society functions on the uses of money, money allows people to measure their wealth and represents the “success” an individual has in life. Barter was the first use of currency in the human race’s history. It was the exchange of resource or services for mutual advantages (PBS), the uses of barter dates back to the origins of modern humans. The human society would later resort to the use of livestock as a source of currency as agricultural sources were in high demand. 806 marks the year of the first know paper bank notes being used as a form of currency. China was one of the first countries to practice paper banknotes as their form of currency, and later on paper currency would appear in European nations. Today, the currency mainly used throughout every country is paper notes, but the currency will continue to change in the future. Digital money is the future form of currency that every nation across the world will soon adopt.
The Department of the Treasury first started using paper currency in 1862, since then there have been problems with the use of paper currency in the United States. There are about 19.28 trillion physical forms of money in existence, but only about eight percent of the total money is in circulation within the global economy; the rest is digital money. The United States society today is moving towards digital money but there are still problems they are…

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