Money Is Not The Most Important Thing Essay

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In recent a discussion of money, a controversial issue has been debated whether money is everything in life or not. On the one hand, others argue that people cannot do everything with money. People cannot buy happiness with money, and money is not the way to be happy. On the other hand, however, some argue that money is the most important thing in life. From this perspective, money is necessary for survival, and people cannot feed themselves and family without money. According to Business Insider, “The truth is money is not the most important thing in life, but it will make the most important things in life so much better” (Siebold). In my point of view, money is the most important thing in modern society where its value has increased. Money impacts a lot on people’s life because of paying basic expenses, covering healthcare, and providing more choices. First of all, money is necessary to pay the basic expenses. People need money to buy a house and food. A house is important to take care of family members and to give them a shelter to take a rest. Also, food is one of the basic things that people need to have for survival. If people cannot feed themselves and their family members, there is a possibility of death. In 2014, 46.7 million people in the U.S were suffering from poverty which is 14.8 percent of the population (“2014 Highlights”). Furthermore, buying or having a house is not only the problem. People need to pay their hydro fee to keep warm during winter, water fee…

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