Money Is It the Source of Happiness? Essays

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Money, Is It The Source of Happiness?

The thought of money being the source of happiness is quite interesting. It is a fact that we need money to survive in this expensive economy, and without it we might tend to struggle. Money gives us the opportunity to buy clothes, food, shelter, and many other necessities of life. But does money truly bring happiness? Some may argue that money can make you happy and others will argue that it doesn’t.
Why do some believe that money is the source of happiness? I asked this question to a fellow colleague and she responded with a personal experience that she faces at home. She said that life at home is usually happy and that arguing is rare, except for the times when her parents argue about
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A survey of lottery winners, for example, confirmed that lottery winners do experience initial elation after winning, but very soon that general sense of happiness returns to about what it was before they won. The winners even became unhappier when they quit their jobs and experienced lost relationships and a loss of sense of meaning and accomplishment. This was the experience of one single mother from the United Kingdom who won millions in the lottery. She lost all of her winnings in two years after going on extravagant shopping sprees. She now works as a maid to support her family and pay back debt that she owes. She stated, “My life is a shambles and hopefully now it (the money) has all gone, I can find some happiness. It brought me nothing but unhappiness. It ruined my life.”
A study conducted by the University of Illinois stated that more than 30 percent of the richest people in America were not as happy as the person who earned a modest income. Why? Because happiness is not defined by our bank accounts or the things we possess. Happiness is a quality or state of being. It is a product of what makes you feel fulfilled. No outside source, including money, can give you that.
Another study in Psychology and Economics by the National Academy of Science suggested that people are happier as their income rises but only to a certain level. The study stated that once they are comfortable, which is

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