Essay about Money Does Not Make People Happy

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Many people believe that if they were rich that they would be happy, but there have been evidence and studies that say otherwise. There are many different views on whether or not money makes people happy: some believe that money does make people happy, while there are others that believe money does not make people happy.
Csikszentmihalyi talks about ambiguous relationships between material and subjective well-being; that despite evidence showing that a link between material wealth and happiness is tenuous at best, most people still cling to the idea that problems could be solved by money. The author gives three main reasons why material rewards do not necessarily make people happy. “The first reason is the escalation of expectations. The second reason is when resources are unevenly distributed people evaluate possessions, not in terms of what they need to live in comfort, but in comparison to those with the most. The Third reason is while being rich and famous might be rewarding, nobody has ever claimed that material rewards alone are sufficient to make people happy.” (pg 145) The first is basically people striving for a certain level of affluence that they think will make them happy, but once they reach that level and spend some time there, they want to get to the next level. An alternative to the materialist approach, has in the past been called “spiritual” but is now more commonly called a “psychological” solution. This approach is based on the premise that if…

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