Money Can 't Buy Happiness Essay

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We’ve all been told “money can’t buy happiness”, but with new things being up for sale like the right to skip a line or use the HOV lane, it is becoming quite clear that it can. This raises one question: should it? What Money Can’t Buy by Michael Sandel argues that the market triumphalism of the 1980s and 1990s spread market economics into places it didn 't belong, resulting in a demoralization of many goods and services. For decades, lines were the “great equalizer” of man. Regardless of how affluent a person was, she waited in the same line as everyone else. Until now. Amusement parks have recently been starting “fast pass” programs that allow people to pay more to skip the line. By a standard rule of economics, this is fair. The people more willing to pay to cut lines are also the people who most desire to cut the line. But Sandel believes this isn’t necessarily true. He argues this standard rule doesn’t take into account the ability to pay. A more affluent customer who cares very little about the ride may cut the line simply because he can, while someone with less money who has been saving for weeks for this trip to the park will have to wait for close to an hour at each ride. I personally believe that because the amusement park is a private company, they have the right to maximize profits, even if it seems unfair. This changes, however, in a circumstance like that of Shakespeare in the Park. The state of New York pays to put on these shows so that they can be free…

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