Money Can 't Buy Happiness Essay

1147 Words Dec 17th, 2014 null Page
Today, most people go through life being able to buy anything their heart desires, because they have the money to do so. Money help us increase the quality of our lives which buy happiness. I believe this is only true is someone pleasure happiness and use the money the right way. On the other hand, most people believe money is nothing, but just an incorrect way of trying to gain happiness. In the article “The funds, Friends, and Faith of happy People” the author David G. Myers explains why money can’t buy happiness. Having a bit more money will not make you happier. He said people are happier if they live in wealthier than poor nations. However, when people have enough money to pay for their basic need of food, clothing, shelter, etc…, than money does relatively little to improve happiness. He also said people today are twice as rich as people in the late 1960s, but they were less happy than people in the 1960s, so that show money can’t buy happiness. Although I agree with David G. Myers up to a point where he said money can only help you get out of poverty, I cannot accept his overall conclusion that money can’t buy happiness because there is ample evidence to show that money can bring you happiness by helping others, money can buy you time, experiences, and comfort.
Today, Money means different things to different people depending on the way they want to spend it. Some people use money to buy time, if they can afford it. For Example, let say you came for work and you are…

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