Money Can Not Buy Happiness Essay

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Money is one of those things in life that humans can’t survive without; therefore, many people globally consider money as a reason not only for living, but also happiness. However, the definition of happiness differs among individuals. Generally, the word “happiness” is a complex word to be defined; therefore, some people believe that since they have money they can buy everything can make them happy, while others don’t. People who have money have an easy access to an incredible life. In other words, they are capable to afford fancy car, a luxurious house, and they are able to travel around the world without any financial worries. As for me, I believe that money can buy happy stuff, but it doesn’t buy the happiness itself. Happiness in my own view is when a person has real lover who gives true love, joyful time to spend with family and friends, and true friend who always there for his friend’s back.
Money cannot buy love. Instead, it’s a free thing that is usually given by true friends, and family to their loved once. When individuals are surrounded by whom they love, their life becomes meaningful and much happier due to the comfort that they feel. For instance, Marilyn Monroe who is known as the sexiest woman in the 20th century, and the most iconic figures in diverse cultures, lived a miserable life. Many writers have written that she had psychological issues which made her life difficult to cope with fame. Although she had an estimated wealth that was worth $27 million,…

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