Essay on Money Can Not Buy Happiness

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A Smart Way to Spend More Than 200,000 Dollars
Although money cannot buy happiness, it is still very important. It helps us survive by providing us with essential everyday necessities. If an individual has more than 200,000 dollars, he or she can buy one Ferrari 458 Italia, nine average U.S. wedding rings, 65,205 gallons of gas, or what most people pay for, four years college tuition. 235,585.52 dollars is the average cost of four-year tuition including room and board from the top ten universities in the United States. Many people want a quality college education but are scared of the unbelievably high cost. Because there are numerous opinions on the cost of college, there have been many debates over this topic. While opponents would have you believe that the cost of college is unreasonably high because the average is more than half of the average American household income, the fact that the price is actually reasonable is more accurate due to the benefits the student would gain.
The benefits a student will gain from a college education are definitely worth the cost. One benefit a college educated student has is a lower chance of unemployment and higher annual earnings. According to Pew Research Center, the average annual earnings for full-time workers in 2012 who are high school graduates is $28,000. 12.2% of those workers were unemployed. On the other hand, the average annual earnings for those with a bachelor’s degree or more is $45,000. Only 3.8% of those workers were…

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