Money Can Not Buy Happiness Essay

936 Words Nov 11th, 2015 4 Pages
There is a complicated relationship between money and happiness. Happiness as defined is a “state of being happy” which literally cannot be purchased in exchange of money. The idea of happiness in today’s world is comprise of students go to college, get a decent job, and earn money. But can money really guarantee happiness in one’s life? I believe that the phrase, “money cannot buy happiness” still applies in today’s society. The amount of money a person has does not limit the happiness in his or her life. Happiness is a mental state of well-being that came from love, respect, friendship, and time shared with friends and family. Most people who are considered “wealthy” value their belongings over experiences. Research shows that money cannot buy long term happiness (Kumar, Killingsworth, and Govich). For example, when someone purchased an iPhone the happiness stays for a short period of time, compared to having a good time with friends and family. Four studies demonstrate that people derive more happiness from the anticipation of experiential purchases and that waiting for an experience tends to be more pleasurable and exciting than waiting to receive a material good (Lumar & Gilovich). Going out with friends, having dinner with parents and spending time with siblings are priceless experiences that money cannot afford to buy. Materialistic things can make a person happy for a short period of time, but when a person spends time with his or her family and friends one seem…

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