Mona Monkey Essay

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Crested Mona Monkeys are a social and activity species. Their playful personalities and physical features play a role in how they got their common names. The crowned monkey, golden bellied guenon, and Cercopithecus Mona are just a few of their common nicknames, but this creature have the ability to adapt to different environmental pressures that caused a wide spread of subspecies that ranges from the Cross River, south of the Congo Basin, raising to Rwanda, and Uganda. Also this species was also introduced to Grenada around the late 1600s. In this case of the Crested Mona Monkeys are located in the west of Africa (Estes 1991, Glenn 1997, Grzimek 1990, MacDonald 1985, Meester 1968, Nowak 1999, Zoo Atlanta 1998). These species have developed physical and behavioral traits that make it optimal to survive as an arboreal species. The Mona monkey primarily are found in high-canopy rainforest. They also can be found in different mangrove swamps, and some woodland area. By adapting as an arboreal species nature has provided food resources, protection from land walking predators and the branches used shelter from ski lurking prey (Grzimek 1990, MacDonald 1985, Nowak 1999, Zoo Atlanta 1998). The Crested Mona monkeys are one of the smaller Old World Monkeys. Each individual has a physical description …show more content…
For example, males will fix their eyes on a target when they feel there is an immediate threat. The Mona monkey moves its ears with the muscles that they have developed to be able to stretch out the facial skin. This is what they call the staring method, Along with that method, the species use their mouths as another form of signaling the social group. By opening their mouths, yet showing no teeth communicates that there is an even a greater threat to the pack (Grzimek 1990, Kingdon 1974, Nowak 1999, Zoo Atlanta

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