Momentos Film Analysis

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The short film “Momentos” tells a warm story about a homeless man reunite with his family at a cold night. The film begins form a cold night, a sleeping homeless man is woken up by the noise from workers set up the displaying TV in the store where he slept by. Two other homeless attracted by TV, after drive them away, only left himself, he curious to watch the screen. Surprised him, a little girl with her happy family appearing on the screen. Everything looks familiar, the little girl’s daddy just looks like the younger homeless man. The amazing thing happened, a mother and her young adult daughter dressing neat and grace with her same one Christmas gift, the teddy bear appeared in front of the homeless man. Obviously, they are his family. …show more content…
Home, love, care and never give up for the family member, that all give people a deep touching from heart. Even the film didn’t tell the reason about why the father becomes a homeless, but a happy family is most of people dreamed. In this film, using many detail contrast to show the main character’s surprise and hesitate for meet his family again. In another side, his daughter and wife’s attitude give him more encourage and confident to back the family. The workers, controller man in the car, and two other homeless, all smiled pleased. Maybe that was a mission for them, but same time, it is not only a job, that is the really thing make them the happy and proud. I am so glad to see the family reunite again, and I hope that have a really happy ending. Whatever anything happened before, the family will have a happy new page.
In our lives, everyone has their different stories about home and family, but whatever anything happened, never give up your family and your loving. The love from parents and complete family is very important to kids. As parents, like the homeless father in this film, he missed all grown moments of his daughter since he left, that was so sad. Escaping is not a good idea, solving problem with your family, lover, and friends is the first way people should to try. Don’t leave them alone, you will not alone. Never give up by

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