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“Moments of Greatness”
The Moments of Greatness article explores entering the fundamental state of leadership. The author, Robert Quinn, discusses how individuals can strive to always lead at their best. It doesn’t come from traditional training methods which believe leadership comes from studying behavior of others. Quinn concluded that when leaders are at their best they don’t copy anyone. They draw on their own values and frame a reaction appropriate to their personality. This is at the core of fundamental leadership. Quinn believes that everyone can function at a fundamental state of leadership by asking the following 4 questions:
Am I results centered? - Have you articulated the results you want?
Am I internally
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If we are open to the environment around us clues will reveal what needs to change. By asking the four questions that are at the core of fundamental leadership we can reach high-performance outcomes, which can lead to a high performance culture. By daring to leap from the traditional leadership training and delving deep into the inner self, we can obtain a level of leadership that will be painful to experience at first, but that will have the potential for positive influence on our lives and the people we associate with both professionally and personally.
Strengths and weaknesses:
In the fundamental state of leadership, leaders perform at optimal levels when they draw from their own fundamental values and capabilities. We both agree and disagree with the four phases of this fundamental state. I think it’s important to be “results centered” and beginning with the end in mind. In fact, Steven Covey names it as one of the habits in his book titled “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. However, we also agree with the cliché it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. It’s the journey that exposes us to different experiences and opportunity to gain knowledge which ultimately shapes us as leaders. For example, as Executive MBA students, we can just attend school for the sole purpose of obtaining a degree. With this mindset, we would just go through the motion of doing the work and not actually learning. By being involved in the

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