Molly Was A Toxic Friend Essay

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Molly was truly a toxic friend. At the time, we were tied to the hip. I didn’t think anything could possibly tear us apart. Surprisingly, it wasn’t anything like time, or other people that created a distance between us. Simply put, I just realized how awful of a person she was to have in my life. It only took me to be on the brink of death to realize it.
I typically wasn’t the type to go partying all the time. Inevitably, a friend dragged me to one, despite my protests. It wasn’t all bad though, I wanted to take this as a chance to experience something in my rather stale life. As I was sitting on the couch, still a little reluctant to participate, that’s where I noticed her. As carefree as one could be, Molly was there relaxing on a table. Everyone gathered around her, she seemed to be the life of the party. In most cases, I wouldn’t interact with someone who seemed as “popular” as her.. Yet, something about her charisma drew me in.
I wanted to be in on the jokes she was telling, but didn’t dare to approach her on my own. It wasn’t until my friend pulled me over to introduce her. Everyone around her seemed happy to see me, especially her. Something about the atmosphere of the group seemed to change. It was strange, I never noticed it when I was sitting over there just a few seconds ago. “Ominous” would be an understatement to describe the aura. Maybe it was the anxiety of being introduced to a new person, but I suddenly got goosebumps. My body was warning me about Molly. I…

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