Personal Narrative: The Molding Tree

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The Molding Tree
How are we molded into the people we’re becoming? Do we wake up one day and decide that we hate biological warfare? Does someone program our minds to be decisionless machines until a specific day when everything makes sense? From the time we take our first breaths, until the time we lay down on our deathbed, our minds are being molded into new shapes and ideas. We aren’t shaped by the thick plaster they use to mold clay- no, our minds are much too complicated for that. Instead, we’re cast out of the flesh, blood and bones of the familiar strangers we’re born to. They influence us from the moment we’re born, chiseling away at the things we do to reform us into the people we need to be to survive this cruel world. Everyones ' mold concaves and convexes in different ways, however the best part is the story of how the mold formed.
I remember staying the night at my grandma’s house, laying on a makeshift bed between two old and
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Oral traditions will continue to pass through, spilling the gory details in a first person narrative. However, lessons are there even as we look around. For Gary Soto, the lesson came in the form of the way he lived. With only a working mother to support them, they didn’t live the luscious life he dreamed of as he watched Leave It To Beaver dance across the screen. Gary wrote, “The father looks on in his suit. The mother, decked out in earrings and a pearl necklace, cuts into her stake and blushes. Their conversation is politely clipped” (Soto 29). as a way to describe his deep desire to live a life like in the TV. When Soto had exhausted all of his options, asking over and over for his siblings to at least wear shoes at dinner, he began taking matters into his own hands and started earning the money he knew it took to have that luscious life. Had Soto’s mom been working a well paying job, and living well within comfort, he may have never learned the importance of working for his

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