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Molar Volume of a Gas Lab The purpose of the lab was to do an experiment to determine the molar volume of hydrogen gas at standard temperature and pressure, or STP. To start the experiment, a beaker was filled with water and then a cage was created with a copper wire. A piece of magnesium was cut and placed inside the cage in order to keep the reaction going until all of the magnesium reacted with the hydrochloric acid. The eudiometer tube was filled with 15 mL of hydrochloric acid and water and then plugged with a one-hole rubber stopper that held the cage in place, ensuring that the magnesium would react with the excess hydrochloric acid. After covering the hole in the rubber stopper with a finger, the eudiometer tube was immediately inverted and placed inside the beaker containing the water. Finally, after all of the magnesium was consumed, the volume of the gas collected, difference in height between the water in the tube and beaker, and the temperature of the water inside the beaker were recorded.
Data and Calculations
Raw Data
Trial Length of Magnesium Ribbon (cm) Volume of Gas Collected (mL) Difference in Height Between Water in Tube and Beaker (cmH2O) Temperature of Water in the Beaker (°C)
1 1.52 28.33 29.8 18.6
2 0.43 8.5 49.9 18.8
3 1.63 31.5 28.6 18.3
4 1.1 22.8 37.3 18.7
Processed Data
Trial Mass of Magnesium (g) Corrected Ptotal (mmHg) PH2O (mmHg) PH2 (mmHg) Moles of Hydrogen (mol) Ideal Volume of Hydrogen at STP (L)
1 0.0289 736 16.5 720 0.00119 0.0251

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