Brochure Design Analysis

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I believe that Mohawk’s Specialty Digital Substrates brochure is a well designed piece. This brochure contains many qualities of a good design; such as repetition, contrast, flow, and an organized, grid-like structure. The design of this brochure fulfills the many topics we have covered in the Graphic Design 1 class.
The very first thing that I noticed when I picked up the brochure was the use of negative space on the cover. Mohawk’s brochure title is in a grey typeface, inside of a white circle, but the circle is surrounded by color. I noticed the white circle right away because of its stance in the colorful background. I then noticed the title of the brochure. At that point I was intrigued and started to notice the details and what made
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The header and content is still laid out the same, but on the second page of this spread, the content is not split into two columns, although there is still enough content to keep the reader engaged. I also noticed this is the only spread where the graphic element on the cover, was placed in the background of the spread, rather than one color from it being pulled as a backdrop. The graphic element is cropped where you can barely tell what it is, but because of its repetition throughout the brochure, you know what it is.
The entire brochure has a minimal approach to it, and repeats its negative space from page to page. Overall the design of the Mohawk Specialty Digital Substrates brochure is well designed with many design skills such as a grid-like structure, alignment, contrast, repetition and visual hierarchy. These skills keep the viewer interested in what brochure has to say allowing it to achieve the goal of
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Although, the trend is not continued on the whole page and I lose interest. Directly under the attention grabber is an overwhelming amount of text, causing my attention to fade. The text has very little to no hierarchy. The headlines are mostly the same size as the body content, some have a color change but that isn’t enough to make it stand out as a headline. It is also hard to tell what content goes with what headline, because there is a lack in proximity and association. Therefore, it is complicated for the viewer to read the information and know what information goes with what topic. It also makes the text look as though it is one big block of information, at this day in age that disinterests the viewer, failing its goal of communication. The body text also is designed with a variety of margin space, giving a bit of an illusion that the information is at different alignments, even though it is all left aligned. For example, the content starts off very close to the left edge of the page saying “Your company is invited to join the Gold ink Awards … by In-plant Graphics magazine.” Note this is welcoming the company to an event but lacks enthusiasm and hierarchy. It continues to the next section with a heavy left aligned topic, but the topic’s content is indented quite significantly (almost an inch inward from the header) causing confusion

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