Module Report : Self Assessment And Career Exploration Essay

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Module Report: Self-Assessment and Career Exploration
I. Career and Interest Self-Assessment Results In completing the O*NET the interest profiler, along with the accompanying O*NET materials, my primary interest area was artistic with a score 23. This was not surprising considering I have been employed as, and run my own business as hair stylist, write poetry and non-fiction, and paint as a hobby. I have also worked in corporate development and design as a project manager. Social followed with a score of 17, which seemed apt considering I was very narrow in my view of specific interests in that arena. The other secondary interest areas were investigative and enterprising with equal scores of 13. This would speak to my experience in managing small business, and the fact that while I like to work with people, I can actually find social interaction tedious, and have a hard time working under those who are not efficient in their application of skills and performance. Because I am a good listener with excellent memory (hyper-vigilant), work hard and as efficiently as possible, and am always working on increasing my performance, I tend to focus more on those I believe will teach and support. However, my clients are always of interest to me. In reviewing the ‘interests and work values’, occupations material, zoning guide, and utilizing zones 3 and 4, I actually chose more occupations within the social designation, one within the artistic (not including those occupations from…

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