Module Analysis : Critical Thinking Essay

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Module 2- Critical Thinking
Many of Ehrenreich’s observations are very similar into today’s working economy. Many people are struggling to make ends meet. U.S. inflation is on a fast-tracked and it’s at a high point than a year ago. So much so that the working people of American cannot keep up with the every changing markets and the increased cost of living. As stated by Casselman (2014) “This trend is unusual. Past studies have found that the rate of inflation tends to be more volatile for the poor, largely because they have historically spent more of their income on gasoline, which tends to see bigger price swings than other goods. But over the long-term, low-income families’ rate of inflation tracks closely to the average household’s. This time, however, the split has been persistent: The poorest 20 percent of American households have experienced a higher rate of inflation than the overall population every month for the past two years.” Minimum wage workers have to contend with lower wages and trying to find affordable living. In reading the first half of Ehrenreich book she explains the different approaches she takes into instilling herself into working society.
Ehrenreich work focuses on understanding the difficulties and the struggles one has to go through to live in today’s society. Her research takes on more of functionalist perspective, by adapting to her environment and understanding the circumstances of each individual in the working society. Ehrenreich takes…

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