Module 6 : Rough Draft Team Dynamics Essay

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Module 6: Rough Draft Team Dynamics Option #1
Tanya Schankel
HRM425 - Managing and Leading Team Dynamics
Colorado State University - Global Campus
Dr. Kurt Heppard
November 13, 2016

Module 6: Rough Draft Team Dynamics Option #1
In an effort to bring the workforce closer and celebrate a successful year of business, out company holds a year-end all-hands meeting for the staff. There are approximately 700 employees who will attend the event so a team of administrative assistants are selected to organize and plan an exciting and successful meeting to include staff check-in, raffle tickets for prizes, seat assignments, meal selection, president 's presentation, guest speaker, award ceremony and prize distribution. The event is something the staff look forward to all year, so it is important that each year 's event is unique in some way so the staff has something new to experience. Being asked to lead the team is a special honor, and this year it will be my responsibility to form a team that is the right size, self-managing, with workable personalities; creative ideas and problem solving skills, which can make decisions together, trust each other, and have their performance evaluated and rewarded by a transactional leader to ensure mission success.
Size of Team
First, it is important to create a team that is large enough to accomplish the organizational goal but not so large that it prevents team member from being able to contribute their valuable skills. According to Thompson…

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