Module 5 : Anti Vaccine Movement Essay

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Module 5: Anti-Vaccine Movement The media is chocked full of different theories and ideas in regards to the anti-vaccine movement. While anti-vaccine movement has been in place since before 1885 (History of the anti-vaccine, 2014), there has been numerous scientifically backed research that prove that vaccinations work. To bolster the claim that vaccines are harmful, the movement uses the media to sway the general public. The bias of the media is apparent when a reader critically reads these articles. Within the articles of the anti-vaccine movement, fallacies of reasoning, misrepresentation of facts, and omission of facts are used to strengthen their argument.
The anti-vaccination movement is still a social issue that has some support. On three articles that were researched, many logical fallacies were apparent. There is the appeal to ignorance, such as the statement “They’re not unbiased. They’re not independent.” (Lopez, 2015), this is in response to a question regarding that there is no connection between autism and vaccinations. Even when confronted by study in 2011 by the Institute of Medicine that shows no causation from vaccinations to autism (Adverse effects of vaccines, 2011) was cited and a retraction of a past study that linked vaccines to autism (Wang, 2010), the interviewee was unconvinced. Another appeal to ignorance is noted in Perkins (n.d.) paper “Vaccination is simply injecting something into your body. This does not create immunity…

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