Essay on Modernization Of The People 's Liberation Army

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In the recent years China has risen to become one of the largest growing world powers of the developing world. Their massive economy helped them achieve colossal strides in developing and maintaining their intense industrialization of their country. However, in recent events China has shifted some focus away from their economy to their military forces. Building up and modernizing its military might with intent on securing their interests abroad and domestically. In this paper I plan to discuss the modernization of the People’s Liberation Army and how its current military buildup influences South East Asia. The People’s Liberation Army of China was founded on August 1st, 1927 by Mao Zedong of the communist party. The army since its establishment has played a key role in the development of China and has fought its fair share of wars. Some examples are the Chinese Civil War, Second Sino-Japanese War, and the Korean War. The last engagement they took partake in was the Sino-Vietnamese War which ended in 1979 (Thompson). During its engagement with the UN in Korea it heavily relied on the Soviet Union for munitions and supplies (“The Dragon’s New Teeth”). This caused them to adopt Soviet strategies in order to effectively use the equipment the Soviets gave them. This would mark the beginning of the modernization of the PLA. The modernization of the PLA was often sporadic as it depended on the goals and funds of the Communist party. Heavy modernization would begin in the 1990s…

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