Modernity And Its Impact On Society Essay

1807 Words Nov 4th, 2016 8 Pages
radition and modernity are two polar opposite societies that have been compared, contrasted, and debated for decades. Although tradition and modernity both have their strengths and weaknesses, modernity tends to benefit the interests of the individual better whereas traditional society focuses on the benefits of the group. While traditional society can often come across as a cruder way of life than modernity, there are certain aspects of the society that modernity lacks. Where traditional society succeeds in the enforcement of its beliefs and social controls modernity struggles causing significant problems for modern society as a whole. Both societies demonstrate valuable practices however modernity is able to sustain itself while also benefiting the individual’s quality of life and through that, the growth of society.

Being in a modern society it is often difficult to consider the possible benefits of traditional society; although the drawbacks arguably outweigh the benefits it is worth analyzing. The traditional society is constructed from family units made by blood and marriage. “In principle all its (the families) members are held responsible for the action of any other member.” (Campbell, 101) Each family unit regulates itself by this societies universal concept that all members of a family are responsible for, and affected by the actions of all other family members. The traditional society maintains order by having clearly outlined roles based on ones status, age,…

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