Modernism in Australia During the Interwar Period Essay example

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Design a modern country
Modernism in Australia during the interwar period

Yiting Zheng
Faculty of Life and Social Science

Though the start of the modernisation may trace back to the beginning of Industrial Revolution. “Modernism in the design world did not exist in a fully developed form, until well after First World War.” (Wilk, 2006) Causing the great loss of lives and other countless damage to the world, it reshaped many people’s way of thinking the world. With the inspiration of early avant-garde movement, the modernism began to emerge advocating an utopian future and shared certain core principles by various styles of modernists: rejecting the past and applied ornament; forms follow function, a preference for
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Partially due to the fairly large number of young travellers returned from Europe as well as Egypt, Turkey and Greece. The other part of the reason may contribute to the lack of mass-produced steel which only came in in 1915 and all went to the war. By the mid-1920s steel was eventually widely used in architecture and enabled rise ofAustralian domestic architecture. (Johnson, 2002)

Fg.3 Newman college of Melbourne University
In the 1930s, numbers of notable modern architectures were constructed showcasing the progress Australia in terms of modernity. Inspired by Chicago Tribune Building and its association with the vertical Gothic, Manchester Unity Building was constructed in 1932. Designed by Marcus Barlow, the building is of fireproof concrete-and-steel construction and faced with 400 tons of mother-of-pearl coloured glazed terracotta tiles. Large plate-glass windows on the first floor and ornamental bay windows on the second floor gave distinction to the base of the building. (“History -” n.d.) The building was the tallest one in Melbourne city and the first one installed elevator. (Goad, 2009)

Fg4. Manchester Unity Building
Not merely showcasing modern exterior and interior, the building was

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