Modernism And Postmodernism

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Modernism vs. Postmodernism: Distinguishing Art, Literature, & Politics In the last century, two of the major art movements Modernism and Postmodernism emerged across the world. Both the Modernist era and the Postmodernist era have their own unique viewpoints and ideology about the different form of art, culture and community. Initiated in the early twentieth century and lasting through the mid 1960’s, Modernism is an art movement which differed and went against the ideas of Realism (representing art as it is). Postmodernism on the contrary focused on attacking the viewpoints of Modernism and challenged the conceptions of Modernists towards interpreting forms of art. While reading the articles I researched about Modernism and Postmodernism, …show more content…
However, Meryem describes Modernist literature patterns as completely different and is far from the use of “Intertextuality”. Meryem claims that, “Modernists look at works as example of genre and judge them by their codes” (Ayan, 137). Modernists chose different path then realist, therefore, instead of using intertextuality modernists believe that each work of art and literature is unique to itself and thus should not be combined with older work since it has its own genre. Prime example to support Ayan’s argument is book “The Wasteland” by T.S. Eliot since the book focuses on all the techniques of modernism: rebelling against traditional literature and values. Key structural elements found in “The Wasteland” such as non-uniformity and discontinuity in paragraphs, single genre pattern throughout the text. On the other hand, in Postmodern literature authors present “Intertextuality” and “fragmentation”: dispersing themes, imagery, plot and characters through out the novel. Both “Intertextuality” and “Fragmentation” are completely different from the patterns found in Modernist literature which focusses on “Pessimism” and examining literature from mundane perspective. Ultimately through dissecting the writing styles in books created in modernist era and postmodern era scholars would be able to comprehend the differences between both art movements more

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