Modernism And Its Impact On Society Essay

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The word "modernism", derived from the Latin “modo”, to denote the main direction in the art of bourgeois society, the era of its decline. One more terms to express the same concept are "avant-garde", "avant-garde". The main objective of modernism is : the depth of penetration into the conscious and subconscious human transmission of the memory, perception of the features, including, as in "moments of being" refracted past, present and foreseeing the future. The basic techniques in the work of modernists becomes a "stream of consciousness" that allows you to capture the movement of thoughts, impressions, feelings.

Every phenomenon of a life, before it reaches a clear and relatively complete form, passes some preliminary stage. From this perspective, I can say that the first signs of modernism found its expression in the naturalistic novel and decadent poetry of the second half of the last century. It is important not to be confused with so-called modernism style of "modern" , which developed mainly in architecture and applied arts on the verge of the century. The style of "modern" - a phenomenon particular stream of new art forms, is still quite moderate and quickly forgotten after World War II, 1914-1918.

The modernism in art and aesthetic theory, which is closely linked to the general movement of bourgeois social thought in the era of its decline, makes itself felt especially destructive breaking of the classical…

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