Modernism And Its Effect On The Inner Self And Consciousness Essay

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Modernism is the character or quality of thought, expression, or technique. It is, according to (, “the creative work or genre of art and literature that breaks from the classical mold or that is considered cutting edge.” It was evolved through the idea that traditional forms of art and literature were far outdated for the modern and evolving world. A central aspect to Modernism lies in the expression in and focuses with the inner self and consciousness. According to (inside modernism 104), “Modernism devalues the realist premises of an external universe conceived as independent of human perception and supplants with the primacy of observation or measurement.” However, not only is Modernism seen solely in art and literature, it uses mathematics and physics in several different senses, as well. The modernist movement began around the 20th century, and it began to die down around Queen Victoria’s reign. This breakdown in the movement marked a symbolic break from the preceding century. “Modernism was inherently sub disciplinary or transdisciplinary in its operation and to define it, to identify it, and to understand it requires a multidisciplinary approach.” Artistically, nothing had been accomplished like this before, because of the inherent difficulty in understanding the concepts and beliefs involved in the modernist movement. Extending upon the difficulty of the concept of content, modernism is, in itself, the quality of thought. Simply put,…

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