Modern Society Views Puritan Society Essay

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Modern society views Puritan society during the early periods of American history as strict and religious. It views itself as ‘progressive’ and ‘removed’ from the influence of old Puritan values and ideals. While society in America has progressed in certain ways, the influence of puritanical values shows in America’s slow trend toward secularism, ‘intolerance for intolerance’, and heavy emphasis on education. The American belief in the importance of religion for moral and ethical behavior acts as an example of the continued influence of Puritan values in Modern America. A poll report by the Pew Research Centers shows that the higher a country’s GDP per capita is, the more likely citizens believe in God’s essentiality to morality. The United States exists as a notable outlier for first world countries with 53% of poll takers believing that God necessary to morality in comparison to 20% in Britain and 33% in Germany. While the rate stands far above countries such as Egypt and Jordan which both possess a 95% rate, these countries both possess a lower GDP per capita and as such they fit the trend of decreased secularism. Despite the trend for richer and more industrial countries to move toward secularism in this regard, the Puritan heritage of the United States has slowed down this progress. Another example of Puritan morality influencing modern day Americans was found in a study in which scientists found that when “exposed to salvation-related words” “Americans –but not…

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