Modern Society And Its Effects On Society Essay

1105 Words Jul 29th, 2015 null Page
Your life in this world is categorized into a social class as soon as you are born. That’s right, the very second light shines on you your parents either were economically stable, super wealthy or barely could pay the hospital bill where you were at the moment. At first it seems as if this categorization won 't affect your life, until you grow up realizing that politics and money make the world go round and it 's a winner-takes-all society. No matter what ‘‘class’’ you live in, there is a few substances that play a very important role in people 's lives and without them we couldn’t survive, and these are; air, food and last but not least, water. This last one listed is notorious for being more valuable in modern society and available only to those who are lucky enough to live in a water abundant area or are willing to pay more to get water distributed to them. Those who do not have the resources to obtain this necessity and live in a place where droughts limit the water usage of the city, get the short end of the stick. The routine of a person living in a place that has enough water for its people is simple, they turn on the shower and enjoy long hot baths, going swimming is easy if you know a place with a pool, and we take all this for granted thinking that everyone has these commodities. And indeed most of us do, more than 99 percent of the U.S. population in fact (according to the 2000 Census). One percent may seem very little, but when considering that there are 281…

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