Modern Media Portrayals Of Race Relations Essay

1298 Words Oct 16th, 2015 null Page
Modern media portrayals of race relations in the United States paint a picture of a relatively successful social and economic climb for people of color. These portrayals may suggest an integrated, equal society, but frequently are far from the truth. While middle-class people of color certainly exist, these portrayals hide the insidious nature of the normalization of “whiteness” and the racial stratification and inequality from which results. The privilege attributed to being white and the resulting inequalities for all others have created tangible racial boundaries in the sectors of opportunity, wealth, and mobility. Though personal and public opinions on race and racism have changed dramatically over the past century, the focus on creating a “tolerant” society has failed to actually change the racial inequalities deeply rooted in US institutions and structures. Until the issues of unequal opportunities can be addressed in the context of white privilege, attempts at creating more prosperous outcomes for people of color will remain unsuccessful. Though much of the “American Dream” is sensationalized, the link between homeownership and prosperity is no myth. In Shapiro’s analysis of the wealth gap between whites, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians he notes that home equity is the largest component of most people’s assets. Homeownership not only offers financial leverage in terms of financing other pursuits, but a home’s location and value both directly affect the local school…

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