Modern Mass Incarceration Of African Americans Essay

814 Words Dec 1st, 2016 4 Pages
In The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander argues that modern mass incarceration of African Americans is a new system based on the same principles as slavery and the original Jim Crow laws. Alexander also argues this new form of legal segregation is as degrading socially to African Americans as the original Jim Crow laws. Mass incarceration is just another in the line of legal segregation implemented in order to remove the undesirables from white society so white society can have their American dream. The discrimination in the legal system and the removal of basic freedoms following incarceration are indeed no better than the original Jim Crow laws. Alexander gives a plethora of facts to prove the discrimination present in today 's legal system towards African Americans, Latinos, and other people deemed undesirable by the public eye. The most eye opening fact being that while the majority of drug dealers nationwide are white, they are in the large minority of people incarcerated, as African Americans and Latinos represent three fourths of all people imprisoned for drug offenses. The common man believes that Blacks and Latino 's are most likely the offenders while in fact it 's White 's who deal and use drugs more often. What is the explanation then for the disparity between the statistics and the rates at which people of color are incarcerated? Alexander states, "Drug-law enforcement is unlike most other types of crimes." Law enforcers go after drug users, unlike general…

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