Essay about Modern Impact Of Public Housing

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Modern Impact of Public Housing
It has been researched that public housing in ghetto communities are over crowded, poorly designed and built, receive pitiable management, and violence laden (Pattillo, 2007). In Chicago, public housing residents filed a Gautreaux lawsuit, claiming that the housing projects the plaintiffs lived in were seeped with horrendous living conditions, and that the location of the housing is a result of discriminatory intentions laden (Pattillo, 2007). Indeed, 64 percent of all public housing in the United States are loaded in majority black neighbors. In addition, these neighborhoods have over a 41 percent poverty rate laden (Pattillo, 2007). The buildings of the housing projects were more than 35 years old in 1965, and 11 percent of the them were considered dilapidated in the 1960 census (Sherman, 1970). Today low income housing in the ghettos have become increasingly dangerous, unkempt, and poorly repaired (Warren, 1969). To look at the physical unattractive front makes one wonder how someone can survive in such scenery. Unkempt, unpainted, unwashed, and underdeveloped buildings cushion the project buildings. Since these communities are isolated, museums, legitimate businesses, kid friendly parks, family sensitive destinations, movie theaters, or educational hubs are located outside of the ghetto community (Clark, 1965). What replaces community positive recreational hubs are liquor stores, churches, bars, and pawn shops (Clark, 1965). Such is…

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