Modern History Germany 1918-1945 Essay example

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Essay Question B
To what extent did the weaknesses in the Weimar Republic account for the growth and rise to power of the Nazi Party to 1933?

The Weimar Republic was created in 1919 with the abdication of Wilhelm II. The new government was the body that signed the Treaty of Versailles, and to many, this was a betrayal. The consequences of Versailles were severe to Germany, and many were looking for someone to blame, the government was the ideal scape goat. Communists and the right saw an opportunity to create a state that they wanted, and were prepared to challenge the new republic for this. Many richer Germans had lived well under the Kaiser, and distrusted the new government. This began a long line of challenges that would become the
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With this, social breakdown followed, with an increase in crime. Many women turned to prostitution to feed their families and shortly after, Berlin became the centre for experimental artistic movements as well as
Nightclubs, cabaret, and Cafés that became notorious for immorality. After this, investment was withdrawn from the economy, causing German to go into decline once again. Unemployment then reaches record levels of six million. With this many people began to turn to Hitler, who preached employment and greatness and promised major improvement. This was reflected in the Nazis then gaining 107 seats in the 1930 election.
Showing that people were looking for a proper extremist solution. There were thousands of demonstrations against the government from most political groups throughout but these were overpowered by the 1,300 Nazi demonstrations that took place during 1930 alone. Bruing then relied on decrees to keep order.

The depression created the very situation that Hitler had been waiting for. The Nazi's believed that only a national catastrophe would see them win power, and they were correct. The Nazi's stirred up opposition to the government and republic, by linking the government to Versailles, and linking Versailles and the Weimar Republic to all of Germany's problems. As Hitler had such a wide political appeal, the Nazis then

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