Modern Films And The Modern Film Industry Essay

2072 Words Dec 9th, 2016 9 Pages
As the years pass, films have become continually more inventive and have grown larger and larger in scale. We currently sit firmly in the digital age as CGI and animation take up a considerable amount of the film industry. But as films advance, modern directors still look back upon the great films and directors that have come before them. Many films use simple elements from the history of film such as close-ups from Sergio Leone or the soft romantic lighting of D. W. Griffith. But some of the greatest moments are more than just elements of style, they are scenes or camera angles that recreate films of the past. This quoting of old cinema is a very common theme in the modern film industry. While many of the greatest directors are known for doing this like Ridley Scott and Baz Luhrmann, no director uses the quoting of old cinema in a greater way than Quentin Tarantino. But to better understand the references and ideas that Tarantino uses throughout his work and in his masterpiece Pulp Fiction, the first step is to understand all the trends of modern cinema. As cinema began to move into the modern age, ideas about genre, spectacle, and technology in film moved along with it. While comedy and action films were still popular, the rising genres of Sci-Fi and documentaries grew but for two different reasons. As computers began to be used more often in films, the ideas of bigger and better than life were common in Hollywood. Films could now take people to time periods where…

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