Modern Feminist Works : The, And Blue Purple And `` Blue Pink Tilt ``

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Meaning and Material in Modern Feminist Works
From idealized female figures and objects of desire, the concept of ‘the woman’ has transitioned of the years and become a symbol used to fight a gendered culture. Ideas of feminism and equality of the genders pervaded the late nineteenth century and infiltrated the art scene. In the following essay, I will first compare the variability of the gendered media used in the following works, Womanhouse by Miriam Schapiro, Judy Chicago and others, Toast Embroidery#1 by Judith Klausner, and BLUE PURPLE TILT by Jenny Holzer, and how they each attempt to expose the social construct at the time. I will then proceed to analyze how the media’s changeability or possibility of iterations would affect the message that was being conveyed.
The use of art to alter the psyche is exceedingly transparent in the installation or exhibition titled Womanhouse, which underscores the need for women to eradicate the gendered socio-political disposition and essentialist thought that underpin the Western society in the 1970s. This art project was organized under the leadership of two important leaders of the feminist art movement of the 1970s, Miriam Schapiro and Judy Chicago, and was held in an abandoned house in Hollywood in 1972. This exhibition was a large-scale, site-specific collaborative project consisting of female artists and student and was founded on the basis of exploring what it means to be a woman and help these artists find their voice by…

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