Modern Family: Why Should We Listen?

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Why You Should Listen We listen every single day, but that doesn 't mean we are hearing everything that is said to us. In Modern Family, the family is like most families where you have embarrassing parents, a father that marries someone that is close to your age, and a son that you disapproves of their choices in life, but you still love them. Selective listening can mess up our relationship with our family when we only hear part of something important they say like “take out the trash”, and later you get into an argument because you only heard some of the conversation and did not do what they asked. This could have all been avoided if you would have been a content-oriented listener. When we listen to our family we should not eavesdrop on them and cause them to feel like we have invaded their privacy. Problems like theses can lead them to getting angry and losing their trust. In season one episode one of Modern Family Phil uses “Kinesics” one of the nonverbal communication codes to scare his daughter new boyfriend, but doesn 't succeed and Dylan escapes with Haley up to her room. Phil 's eyes were trying to say I will hurt you, but his smile was trying to …show more content…
Phil does what Claire and he had agreed on and shot their son for shooting their daughter even though he did not want to do it. When Clair walks into Haley room with laundry she shares the information about her past with a senior that embarrasses ("Watch Modern Family Season 1 Episode - Amazon Video", 2010). Here we can see destructive verbal communication in her brutal honesty about her past. Haley. This is not very impactful because it hinders the children by making them confused as to what should and shouldn 't be done. In the episode, you can see how the family uses the role of listening to communicate in different types of situations. When we are listening we might receive it, but that does not mean we understand what person is trying to

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