Essay on Modern Education Has Its Ups And Downs

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Modern Education Has its Ups and Downs
John Gatto, a retired school teacher , once said “When you take the free will out of education, that turns it into schooling.” The point he is making is that education is free will while schooling is just a mundane task. This quote shows an interesting opinion on what modern education has turned into. Modern education is a technology filled setting that many argue is extremely effective and many claim is not for many reasons.
Our modern education has many pros because of the large advancement in technology over the last 30 years. According to Bhupinder Sihgn, “technology has help variety of technology, computers, projectors, internet, and many more. Technology is a huge source that can help anyone learn. Today’s educators now have access to anything and everything that people all over the world have made to help students learn.”(Sihgn) Sihgn goes on to talk about how the internet has abysmal information and that science has explored all aspects of life. Advances in science is making learning more difficult for student to learn because of the growing and requirement to be circumspect to all information.
Technology is becoming a key component to learning in the classroom. Teacher Hub states that “around 75 percent of educators think that technology has a positive impact in the education process. Educators also recognize the importance of developing these technological skills in students so they will be prepared to enter the workforce…

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