Modern Democracy And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Modern Democracy has been viewed as a utopic system of government with values such as free speech, fair elections, and an inclusive society where everyone has a say, but there are also major challenges that plague democracy which have to be addressed in order to come close to that idealistic image. Democracy has become a way of life that is seen as a “civic ideal, as representative institutions, and as…’all things bright and beautiful’” (Crick 8). In order to protect these ideals, it is crucial to understand the challenges that this system will face due to the weakness that come from it. It is has become the only form of government that ensures security for its citizens by protecting their natural rights which has constructed these principles to provide the support for that protection. Today, there is a democratic age where the power is being shifted downwards towards the masses that are breaking down orders and opening up closed structures (Zakaria 13). The core principles of democracy have allowed for society to become the forefront of change to the governing body and election of officials. There is a worrying phase that comes to all forms of government which Is overconfidence in the system which can eventually lead to an opening of a door to failures (Runciman). The challenges that a single democratic government faces are similar to the ones all modern democracies will soon face if they are not exposed and resolved.
In order for democracy to succeed, it need to uphold a…

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