Modern Day, Women And Women Essay

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Art is a result of its time from a political, social and religious context in which it is made. Throughout the centuries, there has been great involvement of women in the making of art, both as creators and innovators of new forms of artistic expression, matrons, collectors, sources of inspiration, or significant contributors as art historians and critics. In addition, we have an increase in acknowledgment for women 's artwork ensuing from a constant struggle and battle and an effort of women activists. In the modern day, women play significant roles in society as writers, painters, sculptors, dancers, business leaders and many other roles.
Literature review
The positions of women have gone through a conversion from the Middle Ages all through the Renaissance and into the 20th century (Broude & Garrard, 1982). As we examine the history of arts, we observe the under-representation of women artists in major art collections or exhibitions. Thus to find an understanding of this phenomena, we will need to analyze the diverse conditions in which men and women were producing art in previous eras. Some of the issues women in arts encountered include social and economic barriers.
Women 's place
During the Renaissance period, there was a notable transformation in arts and women 's lives, but many customs were stagnant as the Middle Ages for women. Essentially most of the highly skilled artisans were now men whereas women were confined to areas that require fewer skills, or those…

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