Essay about Modern Day Slavery : Human Trafficking

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Modern Day Slavery People think of slavery as a thing of the past, but what they don’t know is that there is more slavery in 2015 then there ever was 200 years ago. In modern times people know this as “human trafficking”. Human trafficking is the movement of vulnerability. People that are seen as “weak” are targeted. This is why people refure to human trafficking as a gender crime. Anyone can be targeted but the main victims are women or and young children. These victims get lured into traps by traffickers and are now in the control of the trafficker. The trafficker then can do as he pleases with the victim, and the victim has no say in what happens. Human trafficking is a serious crime; there is always the victim, the trafficker and a very complicated system behind it all. There are over 20 million victims of human trafficking globally. Anyone can be a victim. Human trafficking falls into three basic age categories. Traffickers usually tend to prey on vulnerability. The trafficker will look for desperate people, approaching the victims with false promises. They will promise the victims new experiences, loving relationships and high paying their new jobs. sounds pretty good for basically any human being, especially when one is vulnerable and desperate for a fresh start. once the trafficker has lured the victim, they are immediately abducted to a place where they will be exploited. at this point the victim is in the control of the trafficker. if the victim is an…

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