Modern Day Full House By Steven Levitan And Christopher Lloyd

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Modern Family is a TV show that is written by Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd. This show is a comedy about an American family who are close knitted and are always dealing with a small or large issue. I believe that the best thing about the show is that the directors were together talking and retelling stories about their own families. Later the authors realized that they might make a show out of it, then before you know it the TV was created.
The show has three different families who are all related, the Dunphy’s and the Pritchett’s. These two families are related by marriage and are constantly doing things together. This show is the modern day Full House. The main purpose of the show is to project an image of a typical American family. The ideal image of a family in America is a close knit family who builds each other up when there is an issue going on. Also, the ideal American family always has something to laugh about together. American families are not perfect, but they try to make the best out of what they have.
A common theme a viewer will see is a strong importance on spending time with family. In America, family always comes first. Everyone in the show will reach out and try to help one another. Also, for a large portion of each episode, the families are always together. Each family eats together at the table and talks about their day like an average American family. Simple things like this are displayed on this show to portray a modern American family.

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