Modern Day Computer Essay

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4rd main point: Now that we have discussed how the modern day computer affects our lives, we must now explore how it evolved throughout the years.
Supporting materials/specific details: As it was mention, computers have an important place in our society because of their influence in every day life yet we forget that about two centuries ago, computers were only a concept that only the most visionary minds could have. The documentary “The Creation of the Computer” explores some the early concepts of computers. Back in the 19th century, the industrial revolution brought a significant improvement in the areas of engineering, financing, mathematics, etc. Before the computer made its firs appearance, calculations had to be made by people, and as
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The documentary states that computers nowadays can run hundreds of millions of calculations. Although true, the documentary is more than a decade of, and it is safe to assume that computers have progressed more. We notice this firs and foremost by the shape of a modern day computer. Where-areas, a computer from 2005 was divided into three computers such as the CPU, monitor, and keyboard, modern day computers are mostly characterized to to be an “all in one device” which combines everything into a single unit. Regardless of a difference in shape and size, modern devices have several times more processing power than the ones 10 years ago, an example being that of my latest computer having four times more power than the laptop my father bought in 2009. It is by that token that we notice that outstanding progress that computers have made over the …show more content…
Author Harry Stern, analyzes the tendencies of how society tends to improve over things that make work easier, he states that technology evolved in areas where change was beneficial, an example being that of the banking industry which process the information of millions of costumers, he states: “As the country moves toward greater use of checking accounts, credit card, etc. If the country continues this move to a “checkless, cashless society”, then banking will need a greater computer power. The journal came all the way back in 1971 such long time gives us a perfect opportunity in analyzing how accurate his statement was. Although we haven 't reached the “cashless society” partite is true that today, more banks handle online transactions without the need to visit a local bank. Thus we understand now that since several banks have to handle the accounts of tens of millions of individuals who perform cashless transactions, banks need greater hardware/software capabilities to handle the constant flow of

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