Michael And David Compare And Contrast

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1. There are many things that separate Christians from the bible. With all of the translations and different versions of the bible, it is very easy to become distant from the bible. A few of the things that create this distance for modern day Christians is the language that the Israelites used and the culture that they had. Over the years, culture has changed so much, and if one were to look at how culture has changed over the last few thousand years, they could see the hundreds of differences in modern day culture to their culture. In the Old Testament, hearing God’s voce was much more common to them than it is to modern day Christians. Also, sacrificing animals was a something that was done almost daily, but now it is considered
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David and Saul were to very similar people in the Old Testament. Although one failed, the other was successful and there are many reasons for his success. Neither man was perfect though. Both of them had many downfalls. David murdered a man for his own personal gain and reputation and Saul sought to kill David in order to keep his throne and power. Saul was consistently a cruel and selfish king. David, on the other hand, was considered to be a benevolent king, even after he had made multiple mistakes and done multiple wrong things. David was a king who, for the most part, sought after Gods own heart, while Saul was searching for the praise of men. One could even say that David was what God wanted in a king and Saul was what man wanted in a king. David was a very forgiving king as seen in 1st Samuel 26, but Saul was a very unforgiving king as seen in 1st Samuel 18. The man difference between David and Saul is their relationship with God. Both of the men had made mistakes but they both treated them differently. Saul tried to find praise in his people and not in God. This separated him from God, it even says in 1st Samuel 16:14 “The Spirit of the LORD had departed from Saul,” When Saul made mistakes, rather than reconciling them with the LORD, he tried to fix them himself or let his temper get ahold of him. David was considered to be a man after God’s own heart though. Every time that David had made a mistake, he ends up going to God at some point to ask for forgiveness and repent of what he’s done. He constantly strives to be in the presence of God and goes to him for advice. That is why David keeps God’s favor and Saul does not. Saul separates himself from God and David continues to be with

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