Modern Day Art Consumers Are More Or Less Women Essay

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The 17th Century was a glorious time for art, a time when Love with a capital L was being thrown around and cherished as the end-all be-all of what literature is about. To some extent, I do agree with this. Now, during this time, there were a plethora of male playwrights, poets, and “lovers.” There were hardly far and few between. This is something I find to be strange seeing as modern day art consumers are more or less women. This alone is the reason I decided to look into a female playwright by the name of Aphra Behn whom I’m sure faced much scrutiny in getting her works penned, read, and published, at least in the same manner than her male counterparts did. Her work The Rover was of particular interest to me and therefore shall be the topic of my review.
To start, Aphra Behn was a particularly interesting women who partook in many different careers in her times before becoming a playwright. She supposedly spent time working for King Charles II doing certain acts of espionage, then later worked as a Dutch translator. After both of those jobs failed to bring bread to her table, she turned to storytelling, poetry, and producing stage plays. All of this background apparently plays part in her how The Rover unfolds. I would argue that her double life itself gave life to how her own work showed a multifaceted story, with multiple plot lines handling an amorous adventure of a gaggle of Englishmen in Spain during Carnival.
Now, Behn focuses on more or less four themes that I can…

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