Modern Communication : What Technology Can Not Do For Us Essay

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Technology has the ability to diminish borders, lessen the time it takes to relay information, and bridge the gap between opposite sides of the world. The expansion of technology has called attention to the different experiences of citizens across the globe. It is possible the use of social technologies, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, can open a window into the contrasting social and political systems within different countries. In “Democracy in Cyberspace: What Technology Can and Cannot Do for Us,” Ian Bremmer discusses the “Freedom Virus.” The “Freedom Virus” is the concept that the use of modern communication will encourage the democratization of the world. Bremmer analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of modern communication and how it may affect citizens. Modern communication encourages citizens to voice their opinions, exercise their independence, and connect with others, resulting in more citizens becoming comfortable with openly discussing and willingly accepting democratic views. The inability of governments to have full control over the “Freedom Virus” that is spreading into their political, and social systems, poses a threat to their long established legitimacy, alliances and reflects that the way communication technology is used should be the choice of the individual.
The influence of democratic ideas through technologies is challenging the authority governments have over their citizens. The power governments obtain mainly stems from the collective…

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