Modern Communication Media 's Positive Aspects Essay

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From the 19th century until today, communication systems have been changing faster than never. Looking back into the past and considering just printed Medias as the only mass communication source available before the invention of the Radio, books and newspapers were used for approximately four centuries. Since the Radio invention in 1873, passing through the Television widespread use in the 50’s and the mobile phone invention in late 80’s until the popularization of the Internet in the decade of 2000’s, these mass communication Medias has changed the world from the antiquated paper and ink to the digital-age in just a 100 years. Without doubt, these new medias has improved the way information is shared, but considering the aspect of human behaviour, there are many arguments against it, the most relevant one is that many people are not yet ready for this huge techno-social change in their lives. This essay will discuss why modern communication Media’s positive aspects are being outweighed by its social negatives effects.
To start with, it is necessary to understand each one of these three Medias and how they influenced the modern society in their unique ways. There are several arguments towards and against each of these mass communication Medias. Following a chronological order, the first modern media was the Television. Similarly to the Radio, the technology behind the TV allowed the information to travel worldwide in a way that was unimaginable before. Fast and easy to…

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