Modern And Design Oriented Fields, The Alternative / Holistic Medicine Industry, And The American Economic Market

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Throughout psychological healthcare, art and design-oriented fields, the alternative/holistic medicine industry, and the American economic market are the implementation of colors to promote a particular product or service. First introduced by ancient Egyptians in the sixth millennium BC, color has been utilized to capture one’s attention and to inspire emotions within the observer. Although a lack of scientific research exists, the research that is in existence supports color theory. It has proven that there are definite cognitive reactions that trigger emotions when various reflections of wavelengths are perceived by cones- and in poorly lit environments, rods- within retina of the eye. One study published in the 2007 Journal of Experimental Psychology: General provides scientific evidence of colors making it more or less likely for an individual to successfully accomplish a task or take on a challenge (Elliot et al. 154-68). Many notable scientists have pioneered the investigation of color: Isaac Newton, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Robert Gerard, and Carl Jung- who is quoted stating that “colors express the main psychic functions of man.” Additionally, many profound artists have contributed to the discovery of color’s effect on human emotion; Henri Matisse, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, and Paul Cezanne are all quoted speaking of the mind and soul’s connection to color. This paper will examine what colors trigger which particular feelings, the biological versus social…

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