Modern American Political Practices Stand Essay

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Modern American political practices stand as a testament to the reality that out of all of the evils possible, people must choose the least of those presented. Often, many turn to the internet, with the creation of Twitter pages and Tumblr blogs. Although, some prefer a more traditional method: a columnist section of a news source. When the general populace thinks of such a section, they often immediately make an association to a weekly author; however, not all authors have as much time. In the online multinational news source headquartered in the United Kingdom, Reuters, Bill Schneider, a professor of public and international affairs at George Mason University, chooses to break down the “Grand Old Party” presidential field. Schneider attempts such a dissection from multiple different points of view, from breaks in syntax and parallelism, to absurdity, all to shed light on issues including: the National Rifle Association’s loss of power, the Republican Party’s resistance against modern change, and the media’s involvement in politics, to further reflect upon the Republican Party and what each candidate thinks.
At first glance, Schneider’s first article, “Republican primary aside, NRA may be losing its grip on the public’s imagination,” comes out incongruous. This incongruity ironically contrasts with parallelism, to such an extent that Schneider’s point of lack of congruous behaviour in the Republican Party become much more apparent. Schneider opens his actual argument with…

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