Modern American Memoirs By Annie Dillard Essays

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Modern American Memoirs edited by Annie Dillard is a series of excerpt from different memoirs wrote by successful writers to tell the readers what was the life like in their childhood. Many of these writers have gone through different struggles to become that they are today. Furthermore, most of them have shared some common tropes in their childhood. One common trope that is shared between James Baldwin and Anne Moody is segregation. Due to the fact both of them are “colored” people, they suffered more than they deserved. For instance, in both the excerpt, Baldwin and Moody were asked to leave the restaurants because they don’t serve “colored” people in the restaurant. When they didn’t, they were beaten up. Moreover, Baldwin was in New Jersey where Jim-Crow is not supposed to occur. However, others still treated him unequally. In the excerpt, he mentioned that he went to the same restaurant four times before he was told that he was “always the only negro present.” Afterwards, he was determined to go there all the time until, as he stated, “some dreadful scenes were subsequently enacted in that restaurant,” and never ate there again. Furthermore, Baldwin mentioned how the movie he saw and the restaurant he went to were ironical to him. The movie was called This Land is Mine and restaurant he went to was “American Diner.” Yet, how the world he lives in portrays the opposite. The fact that they made a movie called This Land is Mine contradicts how America represents…

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